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Things to consider before you buy!

1. Before you decide to purchase from an Internet site you should consider the following:

  a. Do they have a phone number? Ask for a phone number and call them before you buy.

  b. Do they have a store front? If not they obviously don't want visitors.

  c. Ask for some pictures of their parts stores.  ( although the pictures could be from anywhere!!!)

  d. If you do purchase from an Internet site ask yourself what kind of after sales service do you think you will get?

 e. Do they have a mechanic to help with any problems you will have with the machine?

  f. Ask if they are going to supply the missing parts as some machines bought in a box have missing parts and are damaged as they have been handled quite allot before they get to you.

Personally we would prefer to have all the support that comes with buying from a dealer!!!

2.Before choosing a dealer:

  a. Is this their main business or just a side line to their lawn mower shop, engine shop, diesel center etc . If it is a  side line business ask yourself where their main focus is?

  b. Ask to test drive the machine before you purchase. If you cannot test the machine there is probably a reason why they don't want you to!!!

c. Ask to see their parts selection. Very important!!!

PDI ( Pre delivery inspection )

There is a big difference from assembly and a PDI. Assembly is just putting the wheels and tires on and takes about 20 minutes. A PDI is going through the whole machine and tightening. checking, greasing, thread locking important parts and changing the shipping oil. This process takes 3-6 hours depending on the model. Make sure you check with the dealer you choose that this is all done. A MUST!!!




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